Pelligrini Vineyards Finale Bin 3131 : A very good Long Island dessert wine

oct. 2, 2011: i got this ice wine in august at pelligrini vineyards, in cutchogue, long island. i was visiting denise the weekend before hurricane irene hit, and it was a beautiful sunny day: one of the best days of my summer, in fact, and i spent it with a very good friend. once i got back to the midwest, i wanted to make sure to serve this with my parents, since this was something i thought they would like.

taking a tip from teddy gislason, i made an apple tart with puff pastry to pair with it, and that recipe worked out rather well (i used granny smith apples and added one table spoon of brown sugar instead of white cane sugar to the topping): http://www.puffpastry.com/recipedetail.aspx?recipeID=23986

this bin 3131 vintner's pride from the north fork of long island was a blend of gewurtztraminer and sauvignon blanc grapes, and it came in at 13.5 percent alcohol. my dad said the aroma is absolutely incredible (he said that's likely due to the gewurtztraminer) and that it's better than many ice wines he's had before. my mom enjoyed it, saying it's good. greg and i both liked it. i thought it had that slight syrupy quality that ice wines tend to have in that it has a bit if a thicker consistency. it also went well with the apple pastry puffs.

i know this isn't a wine we can get here in evansville, but if you have a chance to experience it, don't miss it.

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