? vintage Yves Guegniard Evanescence Anjou-Villages

UPDATE: chris kissack pointed this out to us: this is 100 percent cabernet sauvignon, not a cabernet franc. so keep that in mind when you read the below post, which we won't revise (it's been too long since we had it to relive the experience). kudos to chris for noting the need for a correction. we were either operating on bad notes, or we had bad information from the wine seller we got it from, since we were looking for a cab franc at the time.

july 15, 2011: i'm catching up on some postings from this summer, when i was in france visiting family. we picked up this unknown vintage yves guegniard evanescence in a wine shop in dinard, across the harbor from st. malo, where my mom grew up (and where my grandmother still resides, intermuros). we had this cabernet franc with sauteed sole from a local fresh market. this red had more of a nose when it warmed up. as inarticulate as it sounds, for some odd reason cabernet francs always remind me of the scent of crayons. this anjou had definite tannins. my parents aren't big fans of cabernet franc, but they were willing to take a break from white wines that evening to let me explore the varietal a bit more. didn't get the alcohol percentage. these are old notes!


  1. Hi Greg and Victoria. Thanks for posting this. Interesting that you found this typical of Cabernet Franc, perhaps a ripeness/vintage issue (maybe a 2007 that you drank?) as this wine is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Take a look at my Domaine de la Bergerie profile for more on the domaine and vigneron Yves Guégniard.

    1. hi chris, thanks for posting. i either noted this incorrectly (i was operating on old notes), or we were told the wrong thing by the wine shop owner in dinard (we were specifically looking for cabernet franc at the time). i don't remember what the label said, either. thanks for the correction. by the way, we've enjoyed your website but unfortunately only discovered it in the past few months.

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