2006 Marina Cvetic Montepulciano d'Abruzzo: Supple, fruity, delicious!

towards the end of my trip, july 2011: i got this excellent montepulciano d'abruzzio from an italian wine shop around the corner on rue cherche midi in the 6th arr. in paris. it was fruity, supple, with great body, and was definitely a fun bottle to drink. this italian went very well with dried italian meats and cheese tortellini. by the way, the italian wine shop owner was very knowledgable and also asked me to sample some very aromatic olive oil. i could tell this was a man who really cared about his wares.
update: i tried to find this again, but could only get the 2007 here in the states. hint: it's not as good. i should have brought a bottle of the 2006 home with me. if you grabbed a bottle of the 2006 while it was for sale at astor wine and spirts in brooklyn, new york, and if, by chance, you still have it ... i'm envious.


  1. Just read your column in my local paper in Ventura, California about liquor lacking the mystery of wine. You made reference to my FAVORITE Food Network star, the Belle Of Butter, and you misspelled her name. She is Paula DEEN, not Dean. OMG!

    (Very interesting article.)

  2. ack! thanks for the correction! we'll change it on the blog. thanks for reading the column, btw. do you have access to the wines we mention in the column in ventura? i ask because indiana is a bit difficult in terms of wines we have access to, and it's good to hear what other states allow wine shops to sell. thanks again!