2007 Ruffino Riserva Ducale Chianti Classico: Soft, smooth, berryish, good!

dec. 16, 2011: after busy work days -- and i've been having lots of those lately -- sometimes quick, microwaved meals really hit the spot. and tonight my quick meal of choice (i'd ordered it the night before) was papa john's pizza with three cheeses, spicy italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms and fresh tomatoes.

it was probably a month ago that i had shopped at the schnucks on north green river and ran into a representative of a distributor stocking the wine shelves. he and i got to talking, and he recommended this ruffino. i was waiting to open it to have something to pair it with, but we hadn't had tomato-based dishes in a while. so the pizza was perfect -- though this particular pizza wasn't as tomato-ish as others we've had.

that said, i really liked this italian. i thought it was soft, smooth, definitely fruity and light. it also wasn't that tannic. i've had chianti (the 2004 tenuta santedame ruffino chianti classico comes to mind) that leaves such a drying feeling on your tongue that it's almost a distraction (though, to be fair, we liked that 2004 ruffino). this wasn't one of those chianti. in fact, this chianti really opened my eyes to how varied this varietal can be. not that i'm an expert on chianti, but i think it's the best one i've had ... so far. 13.5 percent alcohol. wine spectator ranked this 87 out of 100.

also, here's a neat link i found about this ruffino after i tried it (and after i realized i liked it): http://blogs.wsj.com/wine/2011/03/14/a-new-release-from-ruffino-brings-back-memories-of-elaines/

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