2007 Saarstein Riesling: More tart than I remember

dec. 4, 2011: we've still got leftover ham from thanksgiving, and since i was sick with the flu during that holiday, we ended up having this mosel-saar-ruwer tonight. or, at least i did: this time, greg was not feeling well. the plan was to pair it with the honey ham that greg had prepared for thanksgiving, since we'd had this exact wine with the same ham entree last christmas, to great effect (and based on ron hull's recommendation.) but i think this wine's changed since then. it's now more tart, and the pineapple flavors that were so effusive last december are no longer there. but, on the plus side, this germanic creation is definitely smooth, and it leans -- a bit, as it warms in the glass -- toward honey. 9.5 percent alcohol. winetree.

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