2006 Rosenblum Cellars Reserve Monte Rosso Sonoma Valley Zinfandel: Blackberry deliciousness!

dec. 29, 2011: we had given rob williamson, greg's cousin, this 2006 californian for christmas, and rob was nice enough to share it with us. greg prepared a fantastic venison roast that he had marinated in buttermilk for two days, and then he topped it with a black peppery blueberry gravy that was just as good. he also made some creamy mashed potatoes as well as some steamed carrots with dill on top.

we gave this to rob because he was instrumental in getting us into wine, and he was the one who first introduced us to rosenblum. i'm really glad rob liked this zinfandel, which he said had a blackberry nose. greg said the nose was sweet, with a berryish flavor, and that it was smooth. i thought it wafted blackberries and some menthol. it had a tannic finish. this is a serious, substantial and smooth wine. 14.8 percent alcohol.

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