2010 The Dreaming Tree Chardonnay: Crisp, light and flavorful

jan. 25, 2012: sauteed chicken seasoned with a rub in canola oil demands a light white wine. and schnucks on north green river happened to have just the type of white wine i was looking for. as basic a food combination as that sounds, this chardonnay from the central coast of california, believe it or not, has a rock and roll connection. dave matthews of the dave matthews band created this wine with noted winemaker steve reeder, and this 2010 vintage turned out well, i think. i was worried that dave's efforts to create a wine would turn out overly buttery. but the opposite, if anything, happened: this was a chardonnay thick with passion fruit and tropical flavors ... light, and very pleasant, by my count. greg, though, thought it was a bit sour, and that it was young, without being overly flavorful. true, i bought this wine because of its association with dave matthews; but i'd buy it again, no questions asked, even if i didn't know dave had anything to do with it. 13.5 percent alcohol. less than $20.

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