2008 Columbia Crest Grand Estates Amitage Red Blend: Cinnamon and cloves

feb. 16, 2012: for roughly $12, i got flavors of cinnamon, clove and cedar topped by a smooth and light feel. this is a really good-value wine that greg enjoyed, too. greg had prepared lentil and chicken soup last night, and i had some of the leftovers tonight, to which i added fresh lemon juice, salt and cracked black pepper. this red blend was far from a contrast. i could see this columbia valley, washingtonian, being really flexible, matching steak, chicken or even pork, all with ease. it's got some tannins, so anything with some fat (steak) or juice (not over-cooked chicken or pork) would be a tasty pairing. 13.5 percent alcohol. winetree.

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