2009 Shotfire Barossa Shiraz: Fruity, smooth, straightforward

jan. 19, 2012: call it a home run, a gift that really hit the spot, whatever. but this birthday present from greg's parents was really ideal with the chorizo and green pepper bratwurst we got from newburgh's rivertown butcher shop, which is really *the* place for homemade brats in this area. i thought this australian was smooth and creamy, with lots of red berry flavor. it had an intense feel, and the sweet flavors in the wine were an especially fantastic contrast with the chorizo's spicy heat. when i first tasted this, minus the brats (since they were still on the grill at that point) i thought it reminded me somewhat of a red zinfandel from california (if i may be permitted to make that general statement), but there wasn't enough pure blackberry flavor for me to leave it at that. this 2009 definitely had a concentrated flavor and texture. greg said it had a bit of tobacco nose, with undertones of black cherries. that said, it was smooth, sweet and straightforward. 14.9 percent alcohol. this was a gift, but greg's mom got it at big red liquors in bloomington.

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