2010 A to Z Pinot Gris: Better quite chilled

feb. 26, 2012: how could you go wrong with two lemon-pepper rotisserie chickens from schnucks? the answer is: it's not possible on oscar night. i wanted something easy so i could watch my beloved awards show, which is always a lot of fun (red carpet included). at first, i made the mistake of not properly chilling this 2010 a to z pinot gris from oregon. that made this 13 percent alcohol speciman taste strongly of lemons, and not in a good way, i thought, though greg didn't mind. nothing against those who love lemony pinot gris. but once i dunked this bottle in an ice bath for 10 minutes, it began the slow transformation into a more muddled -- and much more enjoyable -- confluence of pear and lemon flavors. it's interesting, i think, how lack of clarity can actually make a wine more tolerable, since in most cases, i'd say the opposite would be true -- or at least more honest. but this particular a to z does better when it's temperaturally controlled. schnucks.

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