2009 Van Duzer Estate Pinot Gris: Eh

greg grilled up some tomato and garlic brats from pearson's rivertown butcher shop. nothing against the brats, which were very tasty. but this 2009 pinot gris from willamette valley, oregon, just didn't go well. greg got hints of a pear and honey nose. but i thought it had a blunted flavor when cold. once it warmed up, it was a bit spicy, and the honey came out to play. but it was also stoney and almost minerally.

i was hoping this would be somewhat sweet, like the a to z pinot gris ... i.e., that it would be smooth, uncomplicated, and a good, easy pairing with the brats. but my mistake, i think, was in the pairing with the brats. i was expecting spicy brats, like an andouille, or a chorizo. but this is a good lesson to learn: when pairing non-greasy, non-spicy brats with wine, don't go for something that demands greasy, spicy brats.


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