2010 Bogle Vineyards Chardonnay: Pineapple and some butter, round, well-balanced

may 20, 2012: greg convinced me to get frozen whole mackerel at aihua, the international market on north morgan avenue. i'd grown up eating fresh, pan-fried mackerel in st. malo, so i was game (even though this mackerel was frozen). so we got home and looked up a video on how to filet mackerel, to be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diyVY1WTnls then greg and i filleted it, and i used this recipe: http://www.rivercottage.net/recipes/quick-fried-mackerel-fillets-with-garlic-and-bay/ to make it. it was delicious! the bay leaves and the garlic added the perfect amount of subtle flavor. this reminded me of when i was little, eating mackerel in our kitchen in st. malo, with the sea gulls squawking outside the window. the only difference between frozen mackerel and fresh mackerel, that i could find, was that the meat was a bit tougher, a bit more dense, than it is when it's fresh from the sea. so no regrets. this is a meal we'll gladly make again.

oh, and i almost forgot about the wine. greg picked up this 2010 bogle vineyards chardonnay at the north green river schnucks last night. i had chilled it, and immediately it gave off a pineapple flavor and was clean and crisp. but as it warmed up, it was slightly buttery, with a good, hefty body. we'd definitely get this again. we're partial to bogle anyway, having had several of that vineyard's wines before, but this is a good value wine. i think we bought it for under $16. 13.5 percent alcohol.

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