2010 La Vieille Ferme: Muddled, chalky but still flavorful

june 3, 2012: greg picked this up at vecchio's italian market for about $10. we paired it with grilled pork chops and yellow squash with onions. the meal was very tasty. this 13 percent alcohol wine is a blend of grenache, ugni blanc and vermentino varietals -- the last two of which we've never had before. this is a decent wine for the price, though i wouldn't choose to get it again. it's got some fruitiness. maybe i'd say there's a bit of peach. but beyond that, it's kind of cloudy ... muddled and chalky. but not chalky like a smooth sancerre. just chalky like it's unable to be further defined. it's a luberon appellation. france.

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