2010 Michel Picard Cotes du Rhone: Watered down, not good on its own

sept. 28, 2012: i got this 2010 michel picard at the fresh market for about $9.99 and i would not get it again. it's not very flavorful. it's a cotes du rhone blend of syrah, grenache and mourvedre, but it tastes watered down, bland. we've had cotes du rhone in this price range before that has much more flavor and is a much better value. the only thing that's good about this wine is that it improves when paired with pepperoni, sausage, green pepper and black olive pizza. the pizza brings out the minute amount of black pepper flavors in the wine. but a good cotes du rhone, to me, is flush with red fruit and black pepper, and it's refreshing, too. this wine is only one of the three (and of the one, it's hardly even that). it feels like the vintner didn't work hard enough to make something he was proud of. that said, michel picard's website touts this wine's subtlety, and if that's the kind of wine you like -- lightly flavored, weak and muted -- then maybe this would be your thing. but not for me. 13 percent alcohol. prestige wine group import.

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