2004 Two Angels Petite Sirah: Glad I waited this long

not sure when we tried this. maybe it was last week. anyway, the gist of the story is that i was totally avoiding this wine for years. we'd had it once that i remembered, and it was acidic. i did not want to have it again. but i was cooking and it was greg's turn to select the wine, so off he went to the basement. after a short twist of fate (and his hands -- it's a twist top), he'd poured this oakville, calif., into our glasses. and i was instantly shocked. from taste alone, i thought this was a zinfandel. so much flavor, so much concentration. it was not the peppery petite sirah that i was used to. and that was pretty cool. 14.8 percent alcohol. i'd have this again, if i could find it.

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