2010 Le Prestige Saint-Drezery Chateau Puech-Haut

july 2, 2013: after numerous long days and long nights, we now, finally, have a finished magazine. to celebrate, i broke out this 2010 chateau puech-haut, which we've had before. oddly, our last posting from april 2012 said this had a muted flavor. either i was wrong, or this wine has definitely improved in the bottle. i definitely would not call this muted. in fact, it's so boldly flavored that i would not even call this french, though it is. owner gerard bru started his winery from scratch, got help along the way, and then bottled this 2010, a blend of 55 percent grenache, 35 percent syrah, and 10 percent carignan. it's also not-so-french in another way: the alcohol percentage. it's 15 percent, which is highly unusual. most french reds we've seen have been in the 12.5-13.5 percent range. i'm not complaining, but that does help to make this languedoc red a bit more concentrated than your usual run-of-the-mill french red. it's quite good. red berries, yes, but mainly it's about this wine's body, which is heavy, smooth, concentrated, and intense. coincidentally, almost all of those words could be used to describe the meeting of a deadline. except for the word that does not — smooth. in that case, this puech-haut is an excellent salve.

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