Michael + David Inkblot Cabernet Franc: Crayons, for some reason

july 12, 2013: steak calls for something red. it has to. so we brought out this michael + david cabernet franc, suggested to us by ron hull at winetree on weinbach avenue. a great guy with an incredible amount of wine knowledge. and he totally got us on this wine. i won't go into my fascination with cab francs here. suffice it to say we had our first cab franc in paris, where it was my first exposure to green peppers and crayons all at once. a very odd combination, i know. this lodi, calif., concoction is definite crayon, zero green pepper. it's concentrated, too. 15.2 percent alcohol like california knows how to do. i'm also happy to see that cab franc is something some other winery is taking seriously. when my dad found out we had an interest in cab franc, he started his own quest to seek them out: from budapest, he brought back a smooth iteration of this grape that was much different than the loire valley version we'd first had. on our own, we tried lake county, calif., versions, and some in washington state (which really does a decent cab franc). not many people know about this varietal, which most people know of (if they know of it at all) as a blending grape: it's usually a back-up to the more flavorful cabernet sauvignon.

anyway, kudos to run hull (as usual), to winetree (also, as usual), and to michael + david for offering up this cab franc. nice to try something new. nice to see an expansion on something that's worth a taste or two.

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